When it comes to online mobile games, it is a field that keeps evolving and expanding every day.

But some games will remain on top of the list of the most popular games even if new mobile games keep coming up with new technologies.

And one such game that has always had a huge fan following behind it is the game of Minecraft. If you are wondering why we are calling this game so popular, read on and you will see why there are hundreds of players for this game all across the world.


About the gameplay

Minecraft is an arcade game that has been developed and published by Mojang. In this game, the player will have to build everything from scratch. In a way, you will have to create everything from nothing. In Minecraft, you can build it all- from simple, cozy homes to complex yet grand castles.

There are different modes in the gameplay such as the creative mode and the survival mode etc. In the creative mood, you will have unlimited resources to play with while in survival mode, you need to create weapons and arms and defend yourself. This game of Minecraft can work as either a single-player or multiplayer game, depending on your choice.

Features of the game

There are many interesting features in the game of Minecraft. One of them is the marketplace in the game. Here, you can purchase maps, skins and texture packs from creators you love. This is where all the community creations are collected. You can also choose to give away items you own, summon a crowd of players and even change the time of the day.

In short, you can change the game to how you want to play it. Minecraft also offers free add-ons to help you customize your experience in the game. You can adjust or change the settings of the data-driven behaviors if you are more tech-inclined. This helps you to create new resource packs.

The other details of the game

This game can be used as a multiplayer platform too. You can play with a maximum of 10 players in a cross-platform setting from all around the world if you use the Realms option. This is a private server hosted just for you.

The other option is just multiplayer, where up to 4 friends can play if you have a free online Xbox Live account. If you choose to play with free multiplayer servers, you can play with thousands of fellow gamers.


This game of Minecraft is not free to play app but it is definitely worth the money. This addictive game will have you engaged in the different game levels for hours on the end. You should give this arcade game a try, at least once. Once you start playing this game, you will not be able to stop playing and will be hooked to your mobile screen.

So go ahead and give Minecraft a try!

Minecraft – Build It All From the Start