With the release of the two best games that are loaded with some of the best combat and war skills, it is quite evident that there will be a comparison.

PUBG and Fortnite is the same genre of game. Somehow these games are based upon similar gameplays that provide a massive possibility of the comparison.

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Here we are comparing both of the games on their features. These features provide a competitive advantage to the respective gameplays:

One of the foremost details that sum up the better one is within the first 30 seconds of the game. In PUBG the players get out of a cargo plane with the help of a parachute, whereas; in Fortnite they are equipped with a futuristic glider or a balloon, in addition to that they come out from a bus that is strapped with a balloon. This gives a unique feel to the Fortnite.

One of the important detail that makes Fortnite worthy of accolades is the gameplay. Fortnite provides the players immense possibility to showcase different maneuvers and creative playing whereas; PUBG provides intense gunfights that are way violent.

The biggest difference is the connected user interface for the games as PUBG is solely a mobile developed game, whereas; while playing Fortnite you can get the same settings and upgrades as that of the Xbox or other gaming consoles this also provides Fortnite a nudge over PUBG.

Another difference; Fornite has an in-game currency called V-Bucks. These are used to purchase all kinds of items and perks which will give you an advantage in the game. Usually, you have to spend money to get these V-Bucks. However, utilizing a Fortnite hack website is a great way to get them for free!

There is a feature that provides easy control with the help of an auto move that provides rest to the thumbs. In PUBG it is a bit complicated while Fortnite provides an immense simplistic approach to that.

The graphic capability of Fortnite is way soothing and compatible with mobile as same as the PC versions whereas; PUBG has some glitches while the transition takes place from mobile to PC version.

These are some of the core differences that make Fortnite way better than PUBG.

Is Fortnite Better Than PUBG?