N.O.V.A Legacy is every science fiction fan’s dream game. It is an action-packed game with several interesting features. There is role-playing involved. It also happens to be a massive multiplayer online game.

You can connect to other players as the game is designed for player vs player style of playing. With top-notch graphics and smooth gameplay, N.O.V.A Legacy looks attractive even to a newbie gamer. What is the premise of the game? What are some of the cool features?

Let us take a look at these now.

N.O.V.A. Legacy


N.O.V.A Legacy is a science fiction experience that is inspired by the first episode of the extremely popular science show NOVA. In the game, you are KalWardin the protagonist. You are an experienced NOVA marine.

Your enemies in the Colonial Administration Forces needs to be struck. For the sake of combat, you don your mobile armored suit. Yelena is your personal AI agent who helps you in your conquests.

You have the responsibility of protecting humans from dangerous alien invasions. You also have to ascertain the reason behind their assault. The game has an array of modes to choose from. Let us look at the features of the game.

Game Features

The interesting features of the game – N.O.V.A Legacy are listed below.

  • Have console-quality experience on your mobile phone
  • You can have both an offline and online shooter experience. The game quality is amazing.
  • Collect different kinds of powerful weapons as having the right gear is crucial. Collecting cards will help you upgrade your weapons. There is a wide variety of weapons – sniper rifles with long-range bullets, plasma guns, etc.
  • The 3D graphics make the environment look surreal. Smooth gameplay is an added advantage.
  • If you are a lone wolf gamer, you can play the single-player mode
  • There are three different modes
  • Special ops – You encounter unique alien formations that need to be broken down. Strike hard. Hone your combat skills.
  • Shadow missions – Your time on the battlefield is limited. You have to assault the aliens within a limited time. Act quickly.
  • Story mode – This can be played offline. There are 19 FPS levels. Each level is packed with action. As you fight, you uncover the mysteries behind the sudden alien invasion.
  • The online multiplayer mode will have 8 players fighting it out. Your aim is to be the last man standing.
  • There is a team deathmatch option as well. A quick 4v4 combat where you can show off your strategy and skills. Team up with 3 other players and have fun.
  • Your marine can be customized. There are several 3D models and skins.
  • Your scores get added cumulatively with each win. Aim to top the leader board and win rewards.


N.O.V.A Legacy is a fun game. You will enjoy it more if you are a fan of science fiction. It is available on Google Play Store. All the android users download the game right away! What are you waiting for?

All You Need to Know About N.O.V.A. Legacy