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Seventh Annual Event

Seventh Annual Ballard Writers Event

Lucky Seven



Friday, November 4, 2016 at 7 p.m.
Sunset Hill Community Clubhouse
3003 NW 66th
Free admission

Seven genres. Seven minutes. Seven raffle baskets.

Prose. Poetry. Memoir. Horror. Short story. Essay. Epistolary.

Karen Anderson , Michele Bacon, Alma Garcia de Lilla, Carol Levin, Mary Jean Lord, Jennifer D. Munro, Meg Pasquini and Lauren Ziemski.

Doors open at 6:30. Come meet seven years of Ballard Writers.

A Profile of Carol Levin

By Carl Deuker

Carol among her books

Carol Levin

Sing! That’s what Carol Levin’s mother—blessed with an operatic voice– commanded. “Sing, Daughter, Sing. Sing like me.”

Music was in Carol’s house as she grew up. Music and a mother, but an absent father. Carol would come home from school and lose herself in scarves and blankets, as she twirled about her room, an only child dancing before thousands in her imagination. The love of music was in her blood, but she did not inherit the voice, much to her mother’s disappointment. “Sing, Daughter.” Read more →