Sheila Kelly

Sheila Kelly worked four decades in the environmental field on local, national and international issues, and two decades unearthing secrets from the rubble of Treadwell, Alaska. She serves on the Charlotte Martin Foundation board, and the Advisory Council of the Mining History Association that awarded special recognition to her book in 2011. She writes on history, natural resources and “sense of place.”

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Web: Treadwell Gold
Web: Treadwell Historic Preservation & Restoration Society

Books by Sheila:

Treadwell Gold

Weaving Alaska history, hard-rock gold mining and memoir, this richly illustrated narrative brings alive the Treadwell mines and town. The frontier settlement across from Juneau boasted the world’s largest gold mining operation plus gracious living for families, including the author’s father and aunts. A catastrophic cave-in in 1917 ended it all.

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