Rita Bresnahan

ritaRita Bresnahan’s stories, poems, and reflections have appeared in such sources as “Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul,” and in the compilation “A Time to Weep, A Time to Sing: Faith Journeys of Women Scholars of Religion.” She is author of the book “Walking One Another Home: Moments of Grace and Possibility in the Midst of Alzheimer’s.”

A psychologist, social worker, and educator for decades, Rita currently offers workshops based on her book, as well as on “Aging As a Spiritual Journey,” and numerous other topics. Rita’s work reflects the meaning, and often the poetry, she finds in everyday kinds of happenings–through her favorite themes of transformation, spirit, and humor.

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the heartbeats of life all around

It’s a small collection of slices of life that I capture—and that capture me. Simple human interest stories. Some about family, others about children, assumptions I find myself making about people, silly encounters, stories of beginnings and endings. So many lessons learned. The thread of listening weaves itself throughout—whether with children or my age-mates, and in such diverse places as a grocery store, a conference room, a nursery, an airport. Sometimes my funny bone gets tweaked in most unexpected ways.

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Walking One Another Home

Real-life stories in Walking One Another Home: Moments of Grace and Possibility in the Midst of Alzheimer’s, reveal moments of insight, healing grace, and humor, during what the author calls “a pilgrimage” with her mother. The book’s focus moves away from what is absent in the Alzheimer’s world, to what is present and possible.

Walking…is about more than this heartrending disease. It offers loving, intentional, and spirited ways that caregivers in any situation might respond, especially during difficult times.

Also available in Spanish:

ALZHEIMER: Para acompanar a quien amamos by Lumen Press