Patricia Hughes

A leadership consultant and outdoor enthusiast, Pat is the author of two books about leadership and group facilitation, and many articles about leadership, nature and travel for adults and children. She is currently working on a women’s adventure travel book and a children’s series about a teddy bear who gets left behind in interesting places.

Books by Patricia:

Gracious Space: Working Better Together (co-author Bill Grace)

Gracious Space is a simple yet powerful approach to group process . Defined as a spirit and setting where we invite the ‘stranger’ and learn in public, Gracious Space creates a safe environment for hearing diverse opinions, listening deeply and learning together. Gracious Space has been proven to move organizations and communities forward with deeper understanding and solid problem solving.

Courageous Collaboration with Gracious Space: From Small Openings to Profound Transformation (co-authors Dale Nienow and Karma Ruder)

Courageous Collaboration stretches groups to move past polite conversation and to explore the “elephant in the room.” This book outlines openings for difficult conversations, describes the stages of sustainable change, provides case studies, and contains tools for leaders ready to courageously collaborate.