Nancy Schatz Alton

Writer, editor, and writing coach NANCY SCHATZ ALTON co-authored The Healthy Back Book and The Healthy Knees Book. She currently writes for websites and magazines and is working on a memoir and a self-help book. Find her personal essays and links to articles at

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Facebook: Nancy Schatz Alton
Co-Author: Astrid Pujari
Publisher: Skipstone

Books by Nancy:

The Healthy Back Book

Even though the root cause of your pain can be hard to pinpoint, this book offers numerous solutions for your back issues. Learn about the basic structure of the spine, the low back’s most common injuries and chronic pain problems, and a whole body approach to healing.

The Healthy Knees Book

It pays to keep your knees happy. Learn how this complex joint functions, along with its most common injuries and chronic pain problems. Discover a whole body approach to healing, with information and tips from medical specialists, physical therapists, yoga and fitness instructors, body work practitioners, and herbalists.