Marjorie Young

Marjorie YoungMARJORIE YOUNG, also known as the “Psychic of Ballard,” is a world traveler, spiritual counselor, and lover of the world’s myths and cultures.

Her fantasy/adventure series, “The Boy with Golden Eyes,” has won literary prizes in Paris, New York, London, and Los Angeles. The sequel, “The Boy with Golden Eyes – Book Two – The Prophetic Journey,” continues the saga. Marjorie lives in Ballard and is a columnist for the Ballard News Tribune.

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Phone: (206)789-0854

Books by Marjorie:

The Boy with Golden Eyes

Young Rupert, with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and experience, has been hidden from society by his mysterious grandparents. Upon uncovering a long-concealed treasure, his family vanishes. Bewildered, Rupert leaves his forest home, only to discover he may be the last surviving heir to his kingdom’s throne.

The Boy with Golden Eyes Book Two The Prophetic Journey

The Prophetic Journey opens a new chapter in Rupert’s epic quest to regain his kingdom’s crown, wrested from his ancestors by vicious invaders. Though escaping into neighboring Zurland with his comrades, his journey has hardly begun. In the wake of a mystical vision, the ultimate destination of the Golden-Eyed Prince is now the fabled and vastly distant land of Raja-Sharan.

Secure in the loyalty of his friends, their circle is disrupted by a nomadic stranger, carrying with him a perfidious secret. Yet that is only one danger confronting them.

Hazards abound on this incredible odyssey, where the young sovereign is challenged by the overwhelming forces of nature as well as the darkest side of humanity. Yet adversity proves the catalyst for Rupert’s mystifying, even miraculous, abilities. And for the first time, his deeds will be carried to the wider world—fame bringing with it an abundance of promise and peril.

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