Laurie Blauner

Laurie Blauner is the author of three novels, six books of poetry, and a novella. Her new novel, “The Bohemians,” is now publised from Black Heron Press and is available on their website and various bookstores including Couth Buzzard. Her 2013 poetry chapbook is called “Figments (& other occurrences)” from Dancing Girl Press. She has a poetry book forthcoming from What Book Press. 

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Books by Laurie:


The Bohemians (Black Heron Press)

Instructions for Living

Main Street Rag, 2011
Part love story, part political drama, part family tale this novella unfolds in an unnamed tropical country set in 1998 with flashbacks to 1978. Gabrielle, a young innocent, is the narrator. The book lyrically describes how our individual and collective pasts affect our lives.

Infinite Kindness

Black Heron Press, 2007
“Set in 1867 London Blauner’s atmospheric and intriguing second novel centers on private nurse Ann Russell, who is still haunted by her service in the Crimean war…” – Kathy Piehl, Library Journal


Black Heron Press, 2003
“In Laurie Blauner’s Somebody, an overbearing, 50′s-era party girl marries a succession of men, each one a projection of a life she would like to live…Her two daughters, Lizzie and Claire, somehow manage to survive and grow up in their mother’s fragmented house…” – Matt Briggs, Tablet



Cherry Grove Collections, 2008
“Honest and emotive, Blauner draws on a deft sense of image and juxtaposition to examine each jagged shard (of the decay of love), to trace each crack back to its unsettling source. “Wrong” is a collection with heart – being put back together.” – Timothy Green, Rattle

All This Could Be Yours

Cherry Grove Collections, 2006
This book has a series of poems about a Hit Man. “This is Laurie Blauner’s fifth poetry collection, and, in my judgment, her strongest. Blauner has a rich fantasy life, which the rigors of everyday living are seldom able to dislodge. (The book) abounds in highly original metaphors that readers will discover for themselves.” – Madeline DeFrees

Facing the Facts

Orchises Press, 2002
The first section is “Resting in the Small Room of the Heart” then there are several poems about the five senses and a series about Frankenstein. “A highly-charged, fast paced poetry that rides on its images. A visual elliptical poetics can be seen at work.” – Alexandra van de Camp

Children of Gravity

Owl Creek Press, 1995
Some poems about the body and family including, “Seventh Grade Class Visiting the Planetarium,” “Elegy for Burlesque,” and “A Bee Discovers Gravity.”

Self-Portrait With an Unwilling Landscape

Owl Creek Press, 1989
A more personal book with poems across various landscapes, for the land, for the stars, for the moon. “…a fine poet with a masterly command of language and imagery…” – James Welch

Other Lives

Owl Creek Press, 1984
A variety of people speak across different times. “Here in a book called insistently Other Lives I can feel with impact the nearness to the heart of things an approach of impersonality allows.” – Laura Jensen