Laura Cooper

Twenty years ago Laura headed to Alaska to work as a deck hand and cook on a Ballard based fishing boat. She became interested in the challenges of managing resources sustainably and went on to work for World Wildlife Fund’s Global Fisheries and Arctic Programs. Now she is a collage artist (Blue Flower Cards), sits on the Board of the Ballard Historical Society, and recently co-authored The Fishes and Dishes Cookbook.

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Books by Laura:

The Fishes and Dishes Cookbook

The Fishes and Dishes Cookbook is full of delicious recipes focusing on the bounty of Alaska and the Pacific Northwest. It also contains unique, funny and sometimes harrowing stories by Alaska’s commercial fisherwomen who have participated in all areas of commercial fishing, from crabbing on the Bering Sea to tendering salmon in Southeast Alaska. In addition the book includes tips on preparing seafood and essays on such topics as sustainability, fishing fashion, and how to pair wine to seafood.