Kerry Colburn

Kerry Colburn is an author, editor, columnist, and publishing consultant. The former executive editor of Chronicle Books, she’s the author of a variety of helpful and humorous titles, including Mama’s Big Book of Little Lifesavers, How to Have Your Second Child First, Good Drinks for Bad Days, and So, You Want to Be Canadian. She now helps other authors on their path to publication by offering lectures, workshops, and book proposal consultation through The Business of Books with Jen & Kerry (, her company with fellow Ballardite Jennifer Worick. You can follow their publishing news and advice on Facebook at The Business of Books or on Twitter at jenandkerry.

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Twitter: @jenandkerry

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Mama’s Big Book of Little Lifesavers

To survive the tumultuous early years with kids, smart parents learn to do things faster, cheaper, and easier. This book compiles all these hard-won shortcuts from veteran parents in one cute little package, featuring 400 of the best parenting time savers, money savers, and sanity savers.

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How to Have Your Second Child First

As any parent of more than one child will tell you, things are much easier the second time around. Wouldn’t it be great to parent this way from the get-go, with baby #1? This warm and reassuring book helps first-timers navigate parenthood with the savvy and calm of moms and dads who have been there before–twice.

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Good Drinks for Bad Days

Good Drinks for Bad Days: Holiday Edition

The U.S. of Eh?

So, You Want to Be Canadian

Rebound Rituals