Joan Shott

Joan Shott grew up in Southeastern Connecticut and moved to Chicago in 1979. She lived there for thirteen years before moving to her present home, Seattle. Her writing depicts her experiences on both coasts and the Midwest, from the 1960s to present. 
Her first published book, The Hummingbird War, is dedicated to her cousin who died in Vietnam. The war and the toll it took on her generation is a recurring theme in her work.
At present the author teaches memoir writing at a Seattle drug and alcohol treatment center while working on her next novel.

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Books by Joan:

The Hummingbird War

1968 was a year that rocked the world and changed Diane Hayes’s life.  She tells the story of her awakening from the confusion after her navy pilot’s jet is shot down until she finds the courage to make her own choices, including the decision to fall in love again.

Fortunate Son

He may be the state’s 1970 champion high school baseball player, but he feels like the world’s biggest impostor. Jack Tallarico is searching for deliverance from a life of shame, praying he can outrun his father’s criminal acts by becoming a great athlete. He finds a reprieve from his family’s disgrace by excelling in sports, while his twin brother, Kerry, hides his anguish working beneath the hoods of broken-down cars. When Jack meets Paula, the girl who offers him the perfect love and acceptance he’s been searching for, he plans their future together while his brother secretly covets her. After Jack and Paula marry and Jack’s career in professional baseball takes off, Kerry goes to fight in Vietnam, and trouble isn’t far behind for all of them. Fortunate Son runs the bases of compassion and growth and solidarity in family, and Jack’s maturity, in the face of the toughest odds, proves the answers to our prayers lie within us and the power of change is divine.

Fortunate Son