Jay Craig

Jay Craig is more fun than the Dalai Lama and not nearly as creepy as the pope. He lives a mostly lucid life on a boat with his Scottish Buddhist terrier, Kenny, in Ballard, Washington. Because he cares so deeply for humanity, he founded Scottish Buddhism and continues to give and give and give. His next book, the Second Book of Mormon, is forthcoming.

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Web: www.scottishbuddhism.com

Books By Jay:

The Scottish Buddhist Cookbook

The Scottish Buddhist Cookbook is an exercise in manic depression, crock pot recipes, divorce, a stuffed Jesus doll, casual sex, over-drinking, and a small amount of Scottish Buddhist propaganda. The Scottish Buddhist Cookbook was written for men but is, surprisingly, enjoyed by women who have also lived unnecessarily complicated lives and want nothing more than to find a bit of humor and good eats in this pathetically doomed existence. Enjoy!