Corbin Lewars

CorbinCorbin Lewars is the author of Creating a Life: The memoir of a writer and mom in the making, which was nominated for the 2011 PNBA and Washington State book awards. Her essays have been featured in over twenty-five publications including Mothering and Hip Mama as well as several anthologies. Her novel is out for submission and her divorce guidebook for women will be released shortly. She has been a writing instructor and coach for fifteen years and assists clients via phone, email and in person.

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Books by Corbin:

Creating a Life

Creating a Life shares the bumpy road that led Corbin to motherhood and her career as a writer. Deformed sperm, a miscarriage, and quitting her job to become an editor, only to have that publication become bankrupt were a few hurdles that she crossed along the way. But Corbin not only survives, she thrives, and is able to share her story in a heartfelt and humorous way.

Losing Him, but Gaining You: Divorce as Opportunity

Losing Him, but Gaining You: Divorce as Opportunity knows the importance of taking time to grieve (and rant) about the end of your marriage, but then invites you to start focusing on what you want, rather than focusing on what you don’t have. The book uses research and personal stories from divorced women to coach readers through this tumultuous time. With humor and encouragement, Losing Him, but Gaining You assures you that you aren’t alone on this path and you may eventually like where you’re going. At the forefront of all of this guidance is you. Because knowing what you want is the biggest step towards ensuring you can have it.