Carol Levin

Author of “Stunned by the Velocity,” “Red Rooms and Others,” and “Sea Lions Sing Scat.” Her work’s been widely published in literary journals. Levin is an Editorial Assistant at Crab Creek Review and teaches The Breathing Lab / Alexander Technique, in Seattle.


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phone: 206-783-4593



Books by Carol:


“Sea Lions Sing Scat”

Levin’s voice is alive with sound, sea, light, color, tang of air and the singing of sea lions. From Shilshole Bay, Greenlake, to Nova Scotia’s Bay of Fundy, a celebration of water-ways. An evocative reminder of human vulnerability, “When you work the waterfront you take whatever comes along.”

“Red Rooms and Others”

Every poem has a relationship with a room somewhere in the world, stirring our sense-memory as we step into a space where something once happened –The rooms themselves are characters in the poems. “A good way to enter the day, laughing.”

“Stunned By the Velocity”

Saturated with world events in the hot summer of 1968 the poems tell the story of a young woman from Seattle who was held captive in a renegade convent on a remote Greek island and her fiances unsuccessful attempt to free her. It also follows the journey taken to that island by the author.  ”The language is alive.  It crackles with anger and humor; it is lyrical or meditative. The range of emotion, here, comes from saying yes to life.” –– Beth Alvarado, Author of Not a Mater of Love and Anthropologies