Bonnie J Rough

Bonnie J. Rough is the author of the 2011 Minnesota Book Award-winning memoir Carrier: Untangling the Danger in My DNA. Her writing has appeared in numerous anthologies and periodicals including The New York Times, The Sun, The Best Creative Nonfiction, and The Best American Science and Nature Writing.


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Carrier: Untangling the Danger in My DNA

As Bonnie J. Rough and her husband consider becoming parents, their biological legacy haunts every decision. Confirmed a carrier of the genetic condition hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia, or HED, Bonnie begins a journey to uncover the complicated details of her family’s past. At first glance, HED seems only to be a superficial condition: an unusual facial bone structure, sparse hair, few teeth, and an inability to sweat. But a closer look reveals the source of a lifetime of illness and drug dependency for Bonnie’s grandfather Earl, who suffered from the disorder, and died penniless and alone at the age of forty-nine. In a time when genetic testing offers answers that can lead to excruciating decisions, even refusing a test is a deliberate choice. Caught between science and the heart, Bonnie and her husband find themselves faced with a modern moral crisis—and one that ultimately reveals the eternal tension between past and future.

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