BJ Neblett

Raised in and around the city of Philadelphia, BJ began writing at an early age. Writing was a way to, “Make some sense of the world.” It was the 1960’s where BJ discovered more than just childhood pleasures and boyhood adventures. He discovered irony, an irony that seemed to escape those around him. And so BJ wrote. With Ray Bradbury and the Twilight Zone and Saturday afternoon matinees as his mentors, BJ wrote about space and friendly aliens and not so friendly things that go bump in the night. Soon discovering the opposite sex, BJ did what any smitten young man would do, he began to write poetry, his work appearing in a national anthology while he was still in high school. And so it continued: service in the Army; a career as a radio DJ, a stint working as a for hire cooperate softball gun; while on a cross country odyssey of self discovery, and culminating as a master audio-video tech. BJ has seen and done it all. Recalling his corybantic life, BJ is still writing. With one successful plus several published stories and poems, BJ is hard at work on a sequel to Elysian Dreams; a collection of Fantastic Literature stories; a follow up to Ice Cream Camelot, and as always, more short stories. BJ can be found playing soft ball; kicking back with friends; tinkering with his old cars; listening to his extensive record collection, or relaxing in his Seattle home with one of his vintage guitars.


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Ice Cream Camelot

Ice Cream Camelot presents the history of the Kennedy administration within the funny and touching memoir of a young boy coming of age during those significant years. But this isn’t the Wonder Years revisited, and Billy Neblett isn’t your typical eleven year old. His family has recently moved from his beloved South Philly, and shy young Billy is repeating the fifth grade while struggling to stay out of trouble, make new friends and deal with a growing dependency on alcohol.  All the while, Billy is attempting to find his own identity in an increasingly confusing and frightening world. Amid school bullies, killer nuns, the race for space, peaceful sit-ins, race riots and the growing threat of nuclear war, Billy finds his heroes in the most unusual places. Legendary rock n roll DJs Hy Lit and Joe Niagara take Billy under their wing, mentoring him and fostering a love of radio. But it is or 35th president, John F Kennedy from whom Billy finds hope and inspiration. Painfully aware of the irony in his life – there are no blacks in lily white suburban Lawrence Park, and girls are treated as second class citizens at St Pius X Catholic Grade School – Billy looks to the charismatic JFK as the savior of Camelot for himself and his first love Amy. Ice Cream Camelot is a unique, engaging and entertaining look at one of the most important eras in American history.


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Elysian Dreams

Elysian Dreams is the touching and exciting romantic adventure of three unforgettable characters desperately searching for their place in the universe. As they seek answers to questions perhaps better left unasked, their lives inexplicably and repeatedly cross. It touchingly examines the costs of exploring your dreams while fulfilling your destiny.