Alison Krupnick

Alison Krupnick is a former world-traveling diplomat, turned minivan-driving Ballard mom and writer and the author of the blog Slice of Mid-Life (

Her award-winning work has appeared in Seattle magazine, Crosscut, Harvard Review, Brain, Child, the magazine for thinking mothers and a variety of news and trade publications and literary journals and anthologies.



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Books by Alison:

Ruminations from the Minivan: Musings from a World Grown Large, Then Small

In 1989, prior to the normalization of diplomatic relations between the U.S. and Vietnam, Alison Krupnick was holed up in a seedy Ho Chi Minh City hotel, hiding from people desperate for visas to resettle in the U.S.  Fifteen years later, she was holed up alone in her minivan, furiously scribbling stories on a notepad at every red traffic light. The story of Alison’s transformation from world traveling diplomat to minivan-driving mom is chronicled in Ruminations from the Minivan:  Musings from a World Grown Large, then Small. A warm and funny story of inspiration and ambition, international intrigue, mothers and daughters, food, family, writing and travel, Ruminations from the Minivan will take you on the trip of a lifetime.